RESCHEDULED: $1 million for "green" neighborhood in North Philly

From press release issued by APM:

$1 Million Home Depot Grant To Nurture Green Neighborhoods

A $1 million grant from the Home Depot Foundation will help turn old and new housing in eastern North Philadelphia into environmentally sustainable, affordable communities.
The pilot program will be coordinated by a partnership of the City of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), and the Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM).
The plans will be unveiled Thursday, Nov. 20, 1:30 p.m., at the southeast corner of 8th and Berks Streets in North Philadelphia. Mayor Nutter will join the Home Depot Foundation, leaders of PHS, APM and the community in announcing the program and planting the first of many trees in this innovative program.
Philadelphia Green, the urban revitalization program of PHS, will use funds from the grant over the next four years for greening and streetscape improvements. The greening efforts will support the new affordable housing and other civic development being spearheaded by APM as well as the retrofitting of existing homes to make them more energy efficient.
“As Mayor, I have pledged to make Philadelphia the greenest city in America. In these current economic times, it is more important than ever to work with the private sector to achieve this goal,” Mayor Nutter said. “I am grateful for the Home Depot Foundation’s commitment to making urban communities more sustainable and for choosing to invest in Philadelphia.”
Plans for the greening of the neighborhoods by PHS, the Fairmount Park Commission and other agencies include new street trees along Berks Street, Germantown Avenue, Norris Street and around area schools; the creation of green gateways and streetscapes at key locations; and the greening and cleaning of strategically located vacant land in the area.
Philadelphia Green also will work with APM to coordinate greening workshops, community development activities and civic engagement to create a corps of residents and groups to care for the new landscapes and trees. The goal is a lasting community network and infrastructure for the area.
Depending on the needs of existing homes assessed by APM in partnership with the city Office of Housing and Community Development, environmental retrofits may include white roofs, energy efficient windows, rain barrels, environmentally friendly and efficient water heaters, and landscaping that would improve energy efficiency.
APM is a Latino-based health, human services and community development organization committed to assisting Philadelphia area families to achieve their full potential by offering a conglomerate of programs and services including education for children, mental health support, drug and alcohol treatment, health prevention and promotion and access to affordable housing options. APM serves more than 9,000 families a year as it works with public-private funders to help improve the quality of life for all Philadelphians.

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Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director, New Kensington Community Development Corporation

Goodman is currently the Community Engagement Director at the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.

Previously, Goodman worked as a city planner and project manager for PennPraxis. His focus was on projects that combined community engagement and public space design, including the Central Delaware Waterfront Planning Process, the Green2015 initiative for Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and the Bartram’s Mile project in Southwest Philadelphia.  Goodman was an early contributor to PlanPhilly and helped shape the site in its first iteration.  As PlanPhilly grew, Goodman represented the publisher and provided professional planning input and project management support as the site expanded its beat coverage, went through multiple redesigns, conducted an internal strategic plan, and researched revenue generation opportunities.

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