New Marketplace in Francisville

A message from Fairmount CDC:

Voice your thoughts of a new outdoor Market Place in Francisville

The Francis Village Market Place will be a full service vendor based open market that will be established on the 1600 Block of Ridge Avenue on approximately 10,000 square feet. There will be estimated room to fit a mix of 30 or more micro and small businesses to serve the Neighborhoods of the Art Museum Area and beyond.

The vision is to locate an eclectic mix of quality businesses on a shared location that will appeal to all of the residents in the area. This is an opportunity for the entrepreneur to operate his/her business with extremely low overhead in exchange for the savings being passed on to the consumer.

Please take a few minutes to complete this SHORT SURVEY. With your help, the Francis Village Market Place will be a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all!

Click here to take the survey:

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Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director, New Kensington Community Development Corporation

Goodman is currently the Community Engagement Director at the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.

Previously, Goodman worked as a city planner and project manager for PennPraxis. His focus was on projects that combined community engagement and public space design, including the Central Delaware Waterfront Planning Process, the Green2015 initiative for Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and the Bartram’s Mile project in Southwest Philadelphia.  Goodman was an early contributor to PlanPhilly and helped shape the site in its first iteration.  As PlanPhilly grew, Goodman represented the publisher and provided professional planning input and project management support as the site expanded its beat coverage, went through multiple redesigns, conducted an internal strategic plan, and researched revenue generation opportunities.

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