PECO Purchases 6 MV of Solar Credits

From the Next Great City newsletter:

PECO has signed 10-year agreements to purchase 6 megawatts, or 80,000 solar energy credits, in support of Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS). That’s enough energy to power nearly 1,000 homes for 10 years! Once complete, the company’s purchases could result in the same environmental benefit as planting more than 48,000 acres of trees or not driving more than 133 million miles. 

This new solar purchase is part of a wider package of renewable energy credits that PECO has been amassing since 2008 as part of their effort to meet the AEPS requirement that by 2011, 3.5 percent of the energy sold to PECO customers is generated from renewable resources.

State legislation is now being considered that would almost double the state's AEPS requirements for wind, solar and other clean energy sources. Send a message of support to your legislators.

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Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director, New Kensington Community Development Corporation

Goodman is currently the Community Engagement Director at the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.

Previously, Goodman worked as a city planner and project manager for PennPraxis. His focus was on projects that combined community engagement and public space design, including the Central Delaware Waterfront Planning Process, the Green2015 initiative for Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and the Bartram’s Mile project in Southwest Philadelphia.  Goodman was an early contributor to PlanPhilly and helped shape the site in its first iteration.  As PlanPhilly grew, Goodman represented the publisher and provided professional planning input and project management support as the site expanded its beat coverage, went through multiple redesigns, conducted an internal strategic plan, and researched revenue generation opportunities.

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