Poll: Ori Feibush vs. PRA – Which side are you on?

    • 20th and Annin: Before and After |
      20th and Annin: Before and After |

Does Ori Feibush need to start wearing a cape?

Feibush, the energetic, young developer who owns OCF Realty, is being called a hero of late because of his stick-it-to-the-man clean-up and green-up of a city-owned vacant lot behind his newly opened OCF Coffee House in Point Breeze.

If you haven’t been following the pithy Ori Feibush vs Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) feud, you’ve been missing quite the boxing match.

A quick recap: As Feibush opened his new OCF Coffee House in August – itself a long fought battle – at 20th and Federal, he paid to clean and landscape the PRA-owned vacant lot behind it on the corner of 20th and Annin. PRA flipped its toupee, calling Ori a trespasser and flatly denying Feibush’s assertion that he repeatedly attempted to express interest in buying/cleaning the lot. Meanwhile media outlets – locallynationally, and internationally – glommed onto the the strangeness of the city’s hostile response to OCF’s cleanup, while heralding Ori’s DIY ethic. Naked Philly, which is owned by OCF Realty, has been dutifully covering the conflict.

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