Minor changes, security reminders at area schools following Conn. slayings

The tragic shooting that left dozens dead at a Connecticut elementary school last Friday has led to a fresh look at school security across the country. Across this region, the spotlight highlighted big differences in the issues school districts are facing.

Merle Horowtiz, superintendent of the Marple-Newtown School District in Delaware County, sent out a letter to staff and parents at the six schools she oversees. Mostly, Horowitz wanted to remind people about the security procedures already in place in the district: ID scanners at building entrances, crisis-response teams, and the drills that school staff practices each year.

But worried Philly parents such as Jennifer Cullen said business as usual isn't going to cut it.

"I'm really not concerned about what happened in Connecticut happening at my children's school," said Cullen, who has three children at Fitzpatrick Elementary on Knights Road at Chalfont Drive. "I am more concerned about the day-to-day safety of my children."

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