Lawncrest tattoo shop owner debuts second location in Mt. Airy

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When Bob Elfant first approached Sheena Allen inside Urban Athlete in Mt. Airy, she was a bit confused.

"[He] goes, 'so you're into tattoos?' I thought he was jerking my chain for a second," said Allen, whose upper arms are decorated with pink hearts, yellow daises and roses. "Then he said, 'well there's a new place opening up.'"

Allen's disposition quickly changed.

"I said, 'really? I want to be their first [customer]."

Since hearing about Kadillac Tattoo's interest in Mt. Airy, Elfant, a real estate agent, has worked hard to not only find them a second location, but spread the word about their arrival. Kadillac's owners Eric and Lisa Flynn operate their original tattoo parlor at 6722 Rising Sun Ave. in Lawncrest.

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