Route 10 trolley track work begins Sunday

    • Green lines show SEPTA's trolley network
      Green lines show SEPTA's trolley network

The summer months are on their way, and that means summer construction, paving and maintenance projects will be popping up throughout the city. One of the first, track work on SEPTA’s Route 10 trolley line, begins this weekend. 

On Sunday, crews will begin a three phase, three and a half month track renewal project. The work will excavate, renew and repave approximately 4,000 track feet in three areas: Lancaster Ave from 40th to 44th streets, the intersection of Lancaster Ave and 48th Street and 41st Street between Wallace Street and Lancaster Ave.

This $2.7 million project is funded by Federal Transit Authority, and is necessary due to track wear. Most of this track dates back to the early 1980s and has deteriorated due to water leaks, traffic and the age of the road surface, SEPTA said. 

An added benefit, the track renewal will create a smoother ride for Route 10 trolley passengers. The continuous welded rail will reduce rail joints, and the new rubber booting on the new rail and track structures will reduce vibrations.

Last summer SEPTA undertook a similar project along portions of the Route 34 trolley tracks. There, as with the upcoming Route 10 trolley work, SEPTA renewed old rail, eliminated rail joints and installed rubber booting on rail and track structures. Crews completed the work on time, and afterward, residents and nearby business owners said the trolleys were both quieter and smoother. 

Shuttle buses and detours 

From June 23 through August 31, shuttle buses will run from 63rd Street and Malvern Avenue to 33rd and Market Streets. Shuttle buses will also replace Route 15 trolley service from August 18 to August 24. During that time, crews will replace two switch sets that separate the routes 10 and 15 trolleys at Lancaster and Girard avenues.

Traffic and trolley disruptions will be minimal during phase one, May 12 - June 9, when crews complete prep work.

Beginning June 23 and continuing through the summer, crews will work in a moving, two-block area along Lancaster Ave. Traffic will be detoured around the work sites, and side streets will be closed to thru traffic. Temporary crosswalks will be installed as needed.

Reconstruction of the track on 41st Street between Wallace Street and Lancaster Ave will begin August 18. At that time, the entire area of 41st Street will be closed to traffic. 

Construction will take place Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 8 p.m., with some weekend work possible to finish the project by August 31.

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