September 9: State money for 1100 Market | Columbus Square Park redesign | Bike shop map

Good morning! I'll be in Pittsburgh all week blogging the Pro-Walk, Pro-Bike, Pro-Place conference hosted by Project for Public Spaces. Check back later for updates, and follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #pwpbpp. For now, here's a quick rundown of the morning's planning news.

The huge mixed-use project planned for 1100 Market Street just got another $2.5 million in state money, bringing the state total to $10 million.

Every bike shop in Philly on one map.

With the Homestead Exemption application deadline approaching, check out Aaron Kreider's homestead exemption map.

See which six green development projects are in the running for a Groundbreaker Award from the Delaware Valley Green Building Council this year. 

New York City introduced new .nyc web addresses as a new generic top-level domain name, and small businesses and individuals are snatching them up quickly. 

A Community Design Collaborative-planned renovation of South Philly's Columbus Square Park is underway.

Human Transit author and transportation consultant Jarrett Walker says higher density development must be precursor to good transit, not the other way around.

Who actually coined "Eraserhood"?

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