December 10: Evans not running | Street drinking and economic development | Post-PNB skyline

#PHL2015 round-up: Dwight Evans won't run for Mayor, Tom Wyatt will run for an at-large City Council seat, and Mayoral candidate Ken Trujillo is skipping the second day of PA Society to host the official after party of the Pattison Leader Ball - the Philly-based alternative to PA Society for young politically active Pennsylvanians.

Street drinking as economic development? Ohio's state senate just passed a bill that would allow cities to designate areas where people can wander outside, drink in hand. Should Philly join the rogue's gallery of cities like New Orleans and Savannah with loose open container laws, or is that asking for too much trouble?

Speaking of boozy economic development ideas, some PA lawmakers want to allow breweries to sell pints.

Want to be PennDOT's Bike/Ped coordinator? Sarah Clark Stuart points out that PennDOT is finally hiring one person, out of a staff of 10,000, to focus on bike and pedestrian issues for the state of Pennsylvania.

Sandy Smith thinks the SEPTA 24/7 money would be better spent on further-out areas that don't have 24-hour bus service. But Duncan Black thinks it's better to strengthen service in the core.

Brad Maule doesn't much mind the post-PNB letters skyline. Click through for bonus toggling action.

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Jon Geeting was Engagement Editor at Plan Philly from 2014-2016. He has also covered city and state politics, land use, transportation, and economic policy for Next City, Keystone Politics, This Old City, Philadelphia Magazine, and City Paper. Jon grew up in Bethlehem, PA and moved to Philadelphia in 2013 after an 11-year detour to New York City. Follow him on Twitter @jongeeting.

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