May 29: Flagging issues. Term limits in burbs? A big way to recycle

Brian Johnson at Greater Greater Washington on the value of a well-designed city flag like Washington, DC's. Mike Burlando and Geoff Thompson have been beating the drum for a new Philly flag.

Out in the suburbs, PA Township Supervisors get elected to six-year terms, like a US Senator does, and some state lawmakers want to pare that back to two years.

Philadelphia Community Corps is on a mission to recycle whole rowhouses.

Malcolm Burnley explains why on-site parking drives up the cost of housing.

Jarrett Walker says privatizing transit operations can work, but privatizing route planning only creates waste and inefficiency.

Protected intersections are the next generation street safety cause, and Salt Lake City will complete the first one in the US. Here's a good video explainer on this.

"Self-driving trucks are no longer the future. They are the present. They’re here."

Just in time for the weekend, it's this year's 50-state property tax comparison study from the Lincoln Institute.

What is means to trust the grid.

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Jon Geeting was Engagement Editor at Plan Philly from 2014-2016. He has also covered city and state politics, land use, transportation, and economic policy for Next City, Keystone Politics, This Old City, Philadelphia Magazine, and City Paper. Jon grew up in Bethlehem, PA and moved to Philadelphia in 2013 after an 11-year detour to New York City. Follow him on Twitter @jongeeting.

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