July 16: Philly housing market round-up | German ideas to steal | Toomey's transportation funding idea

Single-family housing sales and prices are up all over the city, and Kevin Gillen says the market saw "its best quarter in ten years this past spring."

Citywide, one-bedroom rents aren't increasing in the aggregate, and two-bedroom rents have been dipping a bit.

Ori Feibush wants the next Mayor to do more to consolidate executive departments' power over planning and land use.

Pay Toomey wants to pay for the federal transportation bill in part by allowing in more high-skill immigrants.

How Anuj Gupta plans to improve on Reading Terminal Market. 

Seven ideas Marielle Segarra thinks PA cities should steal from Germany.

The evolution of urban planning in 10 diagrams.

Why is the retail space on 1900 Arch still vacant after all this time?

Philly has a lot of illegally discarded tires around. Seattle is using theirs to make this substance to plant trees in

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Jon Geeting was Engagement Editor at Plan Philly from 2014-2016. He has also covered city and state politics, land use, transportation, and economic policy for Next City, Keystone Politics, This Old City, Philadelphia Magazine, and City Paper. Jon grew up in Bethlehem, PA and moved to Philadelphia in 2013 after an 11-year detour to New York City. Follow him on Twitter @jongeeting.

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