November 2: Voter guides galore | Brandywine Jenga tower | Philly-powered exercise

Tomorrow is election day! For those doing a last-minute cram session, read up on the candidates for the various offices on the Newsworks 2015 Voters Guide, Citified's No B.S. Voter Guide, and the Supreme Court voter guide from PublicSource.

Richard Florida does a deep dive into the Philly Fed study of gentrification and displacement in Philly. Looking at the maps, it's striking to see just how small of an area has been affected between 2000 and 2014. 

Steve Stofka reviews the preliminary renderings from NBBJ and Brandywine, unearthed by the folks at Skyscraper Page, of a Jenga-like tower on the 2100 Market Street site. 

Is Darrell Clarke supporting Bobby Henon over Curtis Jones, Jr. for Council majority leader? Is this Clarke's last term? Chris Brennan comes up short trying to confirm a couple of rumors floating around City Hall.

The city Health Department launched a new Philly Powered campaign encouraging people to use the city as their gym, reports Tom MacDonald. They'll be highlighting free or cheap spaces where anyone can work out, like city rec centers, trails, parks and sporting venues.

OCF Realty isn't renewing the lease for Breezy's Cafe on Point Breeze Avenue, reports Taylor Farnsworth. Ori Feibush posted a long explanation of his efforts to help the Cafe, after critics accused him of pushing them out.

Houston's new higher-frequency bus network is two months old. Human Transit author Jarrett Walker, one of the consultants who helped design it, checks in on the early ridership numbers and finds a big uptick in weekend usage.

Scott Kraus looks at the role of EB-5 immigration financing in Allentown's downtown building boom. 

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