January 5: Car slams into SEPTA train | Industrial deco castle | Temple’s Tiny House

It’s Chilly Philly out there! SEPTA will operate on Severe Storm Schedule for Regional Rail Friday, which means at 75 percent capacity of a normal weekday. Bus and trolley routes are impacted the most. PATCO also has a snow schedule.

A female passenger has died after a car couldn't stop and slammed into a West Trenton line train Thursday. Police say the driver was able to escape the car; the victim was found alongside the tracks.  A SEPTA spokesperson says no passengers on board the regional rail train were injured.

An industrial deco castle in Callowhill: Inga Saffron goes over the gorgeous details of the lavish Lasher Printing Building at 1309 Noble Street, which currently houses a data center.

Cities can more effectively innovate and adhere to local values by adjusting the approach and regulations to “better fit the dynamism and pace of change of cities themselves,” argues Jennifer Bradley, contributing to Next City. Bradley provides several case studies and recommendations, including collaborating outside city hall, considering the user experience, and prioritizing problem-solving. 

Temple has built a tiny house at Broad and Diamond as a demonstration project to teach the university and surrounding communities about sustainable living, Green Philly Blog writes. The tiny house is less than 1,000 SF and registered under the comprehensive green building certification.

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