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    • Historic Building Elevation Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Source: PHMC, Jeremy Young

Philadelphia to be first big city with disaster plan to protect historic buildings

In a city whose identity is so closely associated with its historic sites, the effects of climate change and storms like Katrina and Sandy pose nightmare scenarios. What would Philadelphia be…

    • The church at 1253 S. 19th St. is an outstanding example of Furness & Hewitt design, with a distinctive serpentine fa├žade.

Landmark Furness church on the road to salvation

It has survived decades of urban upheaval, deferred maintenance and, in just the past year, two hurricanes and one small earthquake. Now it looks like the stubbornly standing 19th Street Baptist…

    • The former boathouse/Russian Tea House is the centerpiece of FDR Park.

Look Up! South Philly's historic green space

“Look Up” is a PlanPhilly feature that encourages appreciation of our architectural and historical environment. Each week, the photo essay will focus on a different Philadelphia area neighborhood and its distinctive…

You are viewing 3 posts by the author Alan Jaffe concerning Lower South

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