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    • Historic Building Elevation Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Source: PHMC, Jeremy Young

Philadelphia to be first big city with disaster plan to protect historic buildings

In a city whose identity is so closely associated with its historic sites, the effects of climate change and storms like Katrina and Sandy pose nightmare scenarios. What would Philadelphia be…

    • firehouse 46

Owners confirm plan to raze 1894 firehouse

Company representatives met with community leaders to discuss their failed attempts to find a new tenant for the landmark building.   The Pennsport community finally learned Wednesday what the owner intends to do…

    • firehouse demo notice

Owner of landmark firehouse to meet with civic group

A new demo notice has been posted on the South Philadelphia building, but the New York company has responded to requests to discuss the future of the site.   A new…

    • firehouse 46

South Philly neighbors hope to rescue 1894 firehouse

Demolition permits have been filed for the address of the former Engine 46 firehouse, which more recently housed a popular steakhouse.   Preservationists and Pennsport neighbors are rushing to save a…

    • Edison eastern wall

Mixed scoreboard for preservationists in 2011

For the preservation community, this has been a year of renewed hope for a neighborhood landmark and a waterfront icon. But other historic buildings were lost to fire and demolition. The…

You are viewing 5 posts by the author Alan Jaffe concerning Pennsport

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