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    • Stairs up to the Rail Park from the 1100 block of Callowhill, May 2018 / Neal Santos for PlanPhilly
Eyes on the Street

In Common: Rail Park opens, carrying the freight of a changing neighborhood

What does it mean to create a new park in a changing, sometimes contested neighborhood? Next in our series about Philly's changing public spaces, Ashley Hahn takes a deep dive into…

    • Dilworth Park fountains meant for play on hot days
Eyes on the Street

Dilworth reopens refined: solid, smooth, and splashy

I recently heard an architect describe the old Dilworth Plaza as optimistic. Vincent Kling’s design, he said, was perhaps overly charitable in its estimation of how people would use the space.…

    • 12th Street Overpass | Studio Bryan Hanes
Eyes on the Street

When will construction start on Phase 1 of the Rail Park?

Creating a linear park out of the whole Reading Viaduct and City Branches may be a long way off, but last year hopes were high that Phase 1 of the project…

    • A skyline photo of Center City taken from West Philadelphia.
Eyes on the Street

Take Center City District's annual survey

It's time once again to let Center City District know just what you think of their work to make Philadelphia's core a safer, greener, cleaner, better place to live, work, and…

    • graff alley
Eyes on the Street

Tagged: Graffiti removal programs and three ways you can help

Eyes on the Street is taking a practical look at graffiti removal this week with a two-part feature. Yesterday conservator Lauren Drapala shared tips for taking graffiti removal into your own…

    • 5th and Market
Eyes on the Street

Calling Center City workers: How's your commute?

Do you work in Center City? Are you part of SEPTA's record-breaking regional rail ridership? Do you carpool into the city? Are you a bike commuter who'd love to see more…

You are viewing 6 posts by the author Ashley Hahn concerning Center City District


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