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    • Pennypack Park's Gazebo | Credit: Major Artery Revitalization Committee
Eyes on the Street

Help Desk: Pennypack on the Delaware as a wedding venue?

Today Eyes on the Street's Help Desk takes on a new kind of planning question: wedding planning. Donna Ludwig is helping daughter Danielle and her fiancé Nick plan their wedding. The…

    • Heron sprayground
Eyes on the Street

Help Desk: Is Seger Park's splash pad busted? Where's a toddler to cool off?

[updated 7/18/12 at 6:54pm] On a recent scorchingly hot afternoon, I stopped by Herron Playground at 2nd and Reed streets and saw throngs of kids and parents cooling off in the…

    • Between the new ramp and the street tree, the sidewalk becomes about 3 feet wide.
Eyes on the Street

Is this stretch of sidewalk on South Street too narrow?

Eyes on the Street reader Henry recently wrote in to ask the Help Desk about a stretch of sidewalk on South Street, made narrower by ramps leading into two new storefronts. He…

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