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    • During the week, all bike racks around 30th Street Station fill quickly
Eyes on the Street

Bicycle Coalition petitions for better 30th Street Station bicycle parking

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has started an online petition to urge Amtrak to increase and improve bicycle parking at 30th Street Station.  This has been an ongoing point of…

    • 30th Street Station bike racks

Bike-to-transit survey: The people want more bike parking

The results of this fall’s Bike-to-Transit online, map-based survey are in, and it’s clear. Of the 462 people who responded, 87 percent want more or better bicycle parking at transit stations…

    • The city installed a bike corral outside of Reading Terminal  Market on Filbert Street in 2012.
Eyes on the Street

Six new bike corrals offer in-street bike parking

Bike corrals have been popping up around the city, so we took to the street to capture some of the corrals in use. Since August, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and…

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