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    • Houses along 21st and Carpenter Streets. | Photo: Neal Santos

Poll: Philadelphians believe new property tax system is less fair

A poll conducted by the Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that Philadelphians are unconvinced that the Actual Value Initiative (AVI), Mayor Michael Nutter’s overhaul of the city’s property tax assessment system, will…

    • north 9th 4

Council Committee approves sales of property tax liens

City Council’s Committee on Finance recommended a bill Friday afternoon that would authorize the city to sell property tax liens to private collectors. The practice, which is common in some other…

    • Sanchez and Green

City Council adopts delinquent tax collection overhaul

Philadelphia's City Council approved a top-to-bottom overhaul of the city's troubled property tax collection system Thursday, the latest in a series of state and local reforms designed to curb Philadelphia's worst-in-the-nation…

    • Taxpayer Fairness Initiative

Council freshmen call for hearings on tax delinquency

Each of the six newest members of City Council introduced resolutions Thursday morning calling for Council’s Committee of the Whole to hold hearings on various aspects of the city’s tax delinquency…

You are viewing 4 posts by the author Jared Brey concerning The Tax Delinquency Conundrum


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