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    • Bill Green - Caucus Room

On City Council, who will replace Bill Green?

Governor Tom Corbett announced Friday morning that he would appoint At-Large Councilman Bill Green to the top seat at the School Reform Commission, a move that will require Green to leave…

    • bill green

Council amends bill promoting sale of property tax liens

A bill that would authorize the city to sell real estate tax liens to private collectors was amended on the floor of City Council Thursday to provide some protections against abusive…

    • north 9th 4

Council Committee approves sales of property tax liens

City Council’s Committee on Finance recommended a bill Friday afternoon that would authorize the city to sell property tax liens to private collectors. The practice, which is common in some other…

    • phpqvjqju

Councilman Green calls for lien sales to help collect delinquent taxes

Councilman Bill Green introduced a bill into City Council Thursday that would authorize the Department of Revenue to sell tax liens on delinquent property in Philadelphia as a way to stem…

    • Sanchez and Green

City Council adopts delinquent tax collection overhaul

Philadelphia's City Council approved a top-to-bottom overhaul of the city's troubled property tax collection system Thursday, the latest in a series of state and local reforms designed to curb Philadelphia's worst-in-the-nation…

    • Please Clean and Repair Me

Ravaged by Neglect, Part Four: The challenge of fixing Philadelphia’s broken approach to land use

In many ways, and for many years, Philadelphia has failed to implement a practical and effective strategy for collecting delinquent property taxes and putting vacant land and blighted buildings into productive…

    • north 9th 3

Council Committee recommends tax foreclosure overhaul

City Council’s Committee on Finance gave a favorable recommendation Friday morning to a bill that would force a major shift in the way the city collects delinquent property taxes. The bill…

    • phpbzgtru

Green and Kenney want to eliminate AVI homestead exemption

Councilmen Bill Green and Jim Kenney co-sponsored a bill in City Council Thursday morning that would eliminate the $30,000 homestead exemption the Nutter administration has offered as part of its shift…

    • Frankford Creek empties into the Delaware River

Council consensus on 50-foot stream buffer in jeopardy

A few weeks ago, a bill was introduced into City Council which would amend various technical errors in the new zoning code and approve the Water Department’s hydrology map. The…

    • No citywide stream buffer in place, Council to consider Water Dept. hydrology map

No citywide stream buffer in place, Council to consider Water Dept. hydrology map

Philadelphia’s new zoning code went live late last month, but a key environmental provision—providing a 50-foot buffer to development for the city’s rivers and streams—won’t take effect until City Council approves,…

    • Council members huddle, finalizing amendments to zoning code bill

New zoning code will take effect without Commission’s finishing touches

Note: In an earlier version of this article, the 50-foot stream buffer was mistakenly identified as one of the Administration's amendments to the zoning code; it was in fact passed as…

    • From left, George Kroculick, Bill Green, Alan Greenberger, Marc Brookman, and Eva Gladstein

In discussion with attorneys, planning leaders downplay immediate effects of new zoning code

Members of City Council and the Planning Commission addressed a roomful of real estate lawyers and developers in a seminar hosted by Duane Morris LLP Wednesday morning at the Westin Hotel…

    • Council will consider 11th-hour amendments to new zoning code

Council will consider 11th-hour amendments to new zoning code

Councilman Bobby Henon introduced a bill in City Council Thursday morning amending portions of the new zoning code related to Civic Design Review, the pending ordinances doctrine, stream buffers, and parking.…

    • Artist rendition of the planned expansion of Steinberg-Dietrich Hall on Penn's campus

Council approves amendment to UPenn Master Plan, RDA contract for Carpenter Square

City Council sprinted through a relatively brief agenda at its third meeting of the year Thursday morning, passing a handful of redevelopment and planning items, and introducing a few more. There…

    • The Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land applauds the introduction of land bank legislation by Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez

City Council will consider creating a Land Bank

City Council held its second meeting of 2012 Thursday morning, passing a handful of bills and resolutions introduced last week. Several Council members also introduced significant new bills related to land…

    • Zoning reformers react to Councilman Green's proposed changes to the draft code

Zoning reformers react to Councilman Green's proposed changes to the draft code

Last week, At-Large City Councilman Bill Green issued a memo calling for ten specific changes to the draft new zoning code put together by the Zoning Code Commission, of which he…

    • Bill Green outlines his proposal

Councilman Bill Green issues memo calling for amendments to the draft zoning code

In a memorandum issued to all City Council members Wednesday, at-large councilman Bill Green laid out ten recommendations for amending the Zoning Code Commission’s preliminary report prior to passage of the…

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