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    • Ridge Flats, rendering looking north | May 2016

Ridge Flats gets okay from Civic Design Review

In offering two pages of detailed commentary, they did not go easily into that good night. Still, the Civic Design Review Board (CDR) eased the way for Ridge Flats, a mixed-use…

    • CHAD design for 8th and Berks

Dreaming big for 8th and Berks

Green pathways, senior housing, stormwater management, residential units, and retail — each of the five quickly sketched plans that came out of last Friday's day-long charrette aimed at "reimagining" a desolate…

    • 9 11 memorial

Art Commission considers (another) 9/11 memorial, hotel exterior renovations

Members of the Philadelphia Art Commission received a rare opportunity to stretch their critical muscles Wednesday during a lengthy, and often quite contentious, examination of a proposed memorial to the events…

    • Society Hill Towers, 1969 | From DVRPC, “A Report on Historic Preservation” (1969). Courtesy of the Edmund N. Bacon Collection, The Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania.

In Conversation With: Greg Heller on Ed Bacon and his legacy

On the eve of the official launch of Ed Bacon: Planning, Politics, and the Building of Modern Phiadelphia (University of Penn Press), author Greg Heller chatted with PlanPhilly's JoAnn Greco about…

    • Reading Viaduct, October 2012 / Christine Fisher

Challenges for Viaduct Project: Ownership, community and cultural implications, a large and diverse space, and civic ramifications.

A thoughtfully-conceived panel at the Center for Architecture on Wednesday night offered what amounted to the most complete look yet at plans for the Reading Viaduct. Presented by AIA Philadelphia and…

    • planninggame

Philly's great at "The Planning Game"

Great city plans require great men, with strong wills and sturdy stomachs for politics, Alexander Garvin believes. And he should know. This planner, author, and long-time instructor at Yale University briefly…

    • All proposed Linc changes (in green)

Art Commission reviews Lincoln Financial Field improvements

The Philadelphia Art Commission reviewed an extensive proposal for planned revisions to Lincoln Financial Field at its monthly meeting on Wednesday. The Commission also granted final approval to two relatively minor…

    • Can apps and social media work as planning tools?

Can apps and social media work as planning tools?

Clint Randall, a planner with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, talks with PlanPhilly about the Commission's recent experiences with an innovative texting program created for the City by Code for America,…

    • Billboards encroach on a garage, cheek by jowl

Scenic Philadelphia looks beyond billboards

For the last three years, Mary Tracy has been wearing two hats, one as president of Scenic America and one as executive director of Philadelphia-based SCRUB, the Society Created to Reduce…

    • Adams, Nguyen, Vitiello, Washington

Greater Philadelphia Roundtable: City of neighborhoods, city of homes

Last night's concluding segment of the 10-series "Greater Philadelphia Roundtable," presented by The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, sought to wrap up much of the previous proceedings with a presentation called…

Historical Commission talks signs

Between several consent agenda items and a few withdrawn applications, today's Historical Commission Meeting was remarkably brief.After commissioners reviewed the remaining residential applications for about 15 minutes, Chair Sam Sherman,…

    • Callowhill NID

Councilman DiCicco amends Callowhill NID bill

Facing opposition from dozens of Chinatown residents brandishing signs that read "Less Income = More Taxes" and "No NID!," Councilman Frank DiCicco began today's City Council Rules Committee hearing on his…

    • Zoning notice for Dilworth Plaza

Art Commission gives final nods to Dilworth Plaza, 9/11 Memorial

The Art Commission Wednesday awarded final approval to several more elements of the reworked Dilworth Plaza outside of City Hall, and gave an enthusiastic go-ahead to a fast track memorial dedicated to…

    • Kids in Center City

For young families, the city is increasingly a viable option

Three-year-old Vaughn is distractedly wandering around the concourse of the Comcast Center, a yellow balloon in one hand, a crumpled piece of paper in the other. He's just one of dozens…

    • Saving Irving Street

On one "Little Street," some big questions

It smacks of a classic case of he-said, she-said, but in the controversy swirling around one "Little Street" in Washington Square West, a host of Big Questions pertinent to city planning…

    • PCPC: A day of comp plans, urban growth and zoning denials

PCPC: A day of comp plans, urban growth and zoning denials

The Philadelphia Planning Commission abided by staff recommendations against two new proposed Zoning Code amendments — one that would place a one-year moratorium on the construction of or addition to buildings…

    • Art Commission gets detailed look at Dilworth Plaza and PhillyLive! plans

Art Commission gets detailed look at Dilworth Plaza and PhillyLive! plans

Wednesday's lengthy meeting of the Philadelphia Art Commission played to an unusually full house. The bulk of those in attendance were there to hear about the latest design offerings for a…

    • Follow-up to Bradford Alley construction fight

Follow-up to Bradford Alley construction fight

Sue Ann Prince has proclaimed herself "anonymous no more," and to prove it, she stood before the Zoning Board of Adjustment yesterday to appeal a recent permit issued by the Department…

    • Photo: Colin M. Lenton

Making sense of our "Makeshift Metropolis"

Witold Rybczynski, author, pundit, and Penn professor of urbanism, makes no secret of where he's chosen to live since moving to Philadelphia: it's Chestnut Hill.I've always found it a rather…

    • 9th Ward in New Orleans

The Trouble with City Planning

A few months ago, PlanPhilly contributor Thomas Walsh and I toured  a part of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward that's commonly become known as the area with the "Brad Pitt houses."…

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