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    • Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Avenue of Arts Inc. panel chooses two firms for phase 2 of its "New Vision" project

A judging panel, overseen by Avenue of the Arts, Inc. (AAI) Chairman Dianne Semingson, has chosen Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects, Inc., to participate in Phase II of…

    • Cairone & Kaupp

Four shots at pumping more life onto South Broad Street

To celebrate its upcoming 20th anniversary, Avenue of the Arts, Inc. (AAI) recently partnered with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) in soliciting proposals from area designers on how to liven up…

    • Historical Commission approves Lit Brothers sign

Historical Commission approves Lit Brothers sign

The Philadelphia Historical Commission granted final approval Friday for the installation of a new sign atop the Lit Brothers building on the 700 block of Market Street, portions of which will…

    • Philadelphia Temple

Art Commission grants final approval to Mormon Temple

The design for the new Philadelphia Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the 1700 block of Vine Street received final approval from the Art Commission Wednesday,…

    • The site today

Art Commission gives "in concept" nod to Parkway Mormon Temple

The Philadelphia Art Commission Wednesday unanimously granted conceptual approval to plans to erect a new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple on an empty lot at 17th and Vine…

    • Historical Commission grants conceptual approval to Lit Brothers building sign

Historical Commission grants conceptual approval to Lit Brothers building sign

The Philadelphia Historical Commission Friday issued a unanimous conceptual approval for a proposal to light the Lit Brothers building on East Market Street and to top it off with a sign…

    • Billboards encroach on a garage, cheek by jowl

Scenic Philadelphia looks beyond billboards

For the last three years, Mary Tracy has been wearing two hats, one as president of Scenic America and one as executive director of Philadelphia-based SCRUB, the Society Created to Reduce…

    • Descending the subway

Art Commission approves Kimmel project, seeks more details on Southstar Lofts public art

The Philadelphia Art Commission granted final approval Wednesday to plans for a new ground floor restaurant to be added on the Spruce Street side of the Kimmel Center. And, in its…

    • Urban Enoteca

Updating a Grande Dame

If the just-renovated Latham feels more like an elite apartment building than a trendy hotel, that's because it started out that way when it was built a century ago. Grandly positioned…

    • Daytime exterior

Robert A.M. Stern introduces American Revolution Museum design

Architect Robert A.M. Stern Tuesday ran through a brief presentation on his proposed design for the American Revolution Center on a site at Third and Chestnut streets, a site now occupied…

    • Zoo parking structure plan

Art Commission Reviews Zoo, KYW projects

Echoing previous approvals granted by the Parks & Recreation Commission, the Philadelphia Art Commission Wednesday granted conditional approval to a new parking structure planned for the Philadelphia Zoo. In her reappearance…

    • The Porch's site

Placemaking the Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper way

With a few more parklets promised for this summer, and a couple of pedestrian plazas designed to return slivers of wide streets to walkers, Philadelphia is making, er, inroads on…

    • Greco/Barnes entry

A day of Barnes storming

Paul Goldberger waxed rhapsodic over it, the critic from The Architect's Newspaper used it as an opportunity to slam Philadelphia's urbanity, and the L.A. Times called it a "cautionary tale." Yesterday,…

    • Greco/ José M. Almiñana at Lubert Plaza

In Profile: José M. Almiñana of the Philadelphia Art Commission

"This is wonderful," exclaims landscape architect José M. Almiñana, practically rubbing his hands with glee as he looks around Thomas Jefferson University's Lubert Plaza. "It's great seeing all these people using this…

    • Strawbridge & Clothier

Historical Commission approves canopy on new Inquirer/Daily News headquarters, denies church adaptive reuse

Two cases consumed the bulk of Friday's Philadelphia Historical Commission meeting, while at the same time shining a spotlight on the issues raised when new uses are found for old structures…

    • The Barnes Totem in situ

Art Commission approves Family Court roof plantings, new Barnes outdoor sculpture

A brief Art Commission meeting Wednesday granted final approval to rooftop plantings on the under-construction Family Court building.It also granted what amounted to a routine stamp to a proposed sculpture…

    • Scrim at 1501 Arch Street

Art Commission approves Family Court addition, Dilworth Plaza subway concourse

The Philadelphia Art Commission approved all three items on its agenda today in a meeting that included two rather lengthy discussions that followed up on presentations made at earlier meetings. It…

    • Greco/The Eagle

Happy Birthday to the Wanamaker Building!

It's been an especially dreary holiday season in Philadelphia this year — puny wreaths on City Hall, no lights on Walnut or Market streets. But, thankfully, and as usual, we can…

    • Greco/Outside Family Court

Public Space as connector was an issue for Philadelphians in 2011

My beats are varied but, time and time again, public space is the connector. That Philadelphians feel strongly about this issue, too, is clear. Some of PlanPhilly's most-read stories addressed this…

    • Ashley Hahn / Eyes on the Street

Lenfest Plaza lights up this weekend

Start with a neglected alley and cover it with a tidy arrangement of gray, red and blue square pavers. Add a beguiling serpentine bench fashioned from black locust wood. Install a…

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