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    • 11 Trolley

March 19: Ballot lottery winners | Upcoming planning forums | Johnson nixes 3-D billboards in 2nd District

A bipartisan bill is moving forward in Congress that would give local governments, rather than state DOTs, more control over how federal transportation dollars are spent. Incumbents fared pretty poorly…

    • horn and hardart

March 18: Everybody loves Vision Zero | Ballot position day | SEPTA cops not coming for your children

All of the Mayoral candidates support a Vision Zero approach to street safety, with varying degrees of enthusiasm and detail. A day after an opposition research site unearthed a trove of…

    • Rail Park

March 16: Rail Park construction this summer | Kenney gets teachers' nod | All-door bus boarding

The William Penn and Knight Foundations will fund $11 million worth of shovel-ready public space improvements in Philly, allowing construction on the Rail Park to begin this summer. Check back for…

    • Sam Katz

March 13: Citizen Sam | The fanciest building | Surface parking craters | Progressive insurance

Scannapieco Development Corp broke ground on what is surely Philly's fanciest building. Bonus points for robot parking.Patrick Kerkstra admires the substance Citizen Sam Katz is bringing to the…

    • Doug Oliver

Q&A with Doug Oliver: Full Version

PlanPhilly: Your campaign has focused a lot on the idea of engaging more Millennials in civic life. What’s your vision? What is the Philadelphia that you want to sell to younger…

    • Cherelle Parker

February 24: Parker announces for 9th District | Kensington fire | Philly sprawl

Rep. Cherelle Parker formally announced her candidacy for 9th District Councilwoman Marian Tasco's seat. Tasco is retiring from Council. There was a massive fire in a commercial building in Kensington this…

    • Vernon Park

February 23: Illegal demolition scandal | Vernon Park makeover | Putting pedestrians first

A demolition company flouted the city's new demolition rules with apparent ease in Fairmount. The money quote: "it's like an unseen hand guided them and protected them through the process of…

    • Jim Kenney

Q&A: Jim Kenney on public transportation, pedestrian safety, and South Philly's organized chaos

PlanPhilly sat down with ex-Councilman and current Mayoral contender Jim Kenney last week for a conversation that touched on a wide variety of planning topics, from historic preservation to Vision Zero…

    • Jim Kenney

Q&A with Jim Kenney: Full version

PlanPhilly sat down with ex-Councilman and current Mayoral contender Jim Kenney last week for a conversation that touched on a wide variety of planning topics, from historic preservation to Vision Zero…

    • Maria Quinones-Sanchez

February 17: Party challenges MQS | Open data lovefest | Rental Beast

The city Democratic Party has endorsed relatively unknown committeeman Manny Morales over two-term 7th District Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez. The Councilwoman has twice prevailed over party-backed challengers in the Democratic primary. All five candidates…

    • Rev. Keith Goodman

February 16: Keith Harris eyes Mayoral run | Power Wards | Rust Belt conventions | Fed affordability report

The Reverend Keith Goodman may enter the race for Mayor, but there are questions about whether he'll be eligible for the ballot. The city charter requires candidates to have been…

    • Doug Oliver

Doug Oliver's competitiveness case for a stronger Philly nighttime economy

Kicking off his campaign last weekend, Mayoral candidate Doug Oliver asked a few rhetorical questions in his announcement speech pointed at what he views as some of Philadelphia's more persistent outdated…

    • Doug Oliver

February 9: Doug Oliver on Uber | Big returns on bike-friendly development | Street or parking lot

Former Nutter spokesman and PGW executive Doug Oliver officially entered the Mayoral race this weekend, with an overt appeal to young adults. "Why can't Uber X work in Philly?" he asked,…

    • Septa tokens

February 3: Campaign finance-palooza | Condo market tightens | Phasing out tokens

Anthony Williams emerged as the top fundraiser as the 2015 campaign finance reports trickled in yesterday. Ken Trujillo placed second in the money race, even as he's exited the race. Trujillo…

    • Spruce St Harbor Park

February 2: Helen Gym eyeing Council seat | Most popular biking streets | PennDOT warms to roundabouts

A groundhog has decreed there will be six more weeks of winter. Daniel Denvir's sources say public education activist Helen Gym will run for one of the At-Large City Council seats. …

    • City Hall Parking Lot

Five moments that explain Jim Kenney's planning politics

Over at Citified, Patrick Kerkstra is disillusioned with the paucity of real policy substance in the 2015 campaign so far, and he's probably right to be concerned. The high-level dialogue so…

    • Jim Kenney

January 28: How Wolf can help PA cities | Ward politics | Keeping Philly affordable

The US DOT is challenging city Mayors to prioritize pedestrian and bike safety. In Philly a lot of those decisions come down to Council members' decisions about right of way…

    • Jim Kenney

#PHL2015: Councilman Jim Kenney resigning from City Council on Thursday

As was widely expected after last Friday's non-announcement by At-Large Councilman Jim Kenney that he would consider entering the Democratic primary  for Philadelphia Mayor, Kenney's team is officially announcing his resignation…

    • img 0610

January 27: Court rejects Washington apartments | Domain registration mayhem | South District survey

The blizzard was a dud, but it's actually good news for our #PHLsneckdowns project. Four to six inches of snow makes for better sneckdown accuracy than big snow mountains…

    • Ice and Coal mural wall

January 26: Trujillo backing Kenney? | Incumbents circle wagons around Johnson | Middling airport transit

After botching the Alba Martinez endorsement, Ken Trujillo is officially holding back on supporting another mayoral prospect for the moment, though it looks like he's preparing to move staff and money…

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