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    • Mayor Nutter announces Century 21 department store will open at former Strawbridges

Century 21 department store to open at former Strawbridge's

Attention, Philadelphia shoppers! New York City-based Century 21 department store is coming to the former Strawbridges building this fall. This, said Mayor Michael Nutter, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Alan Greenberger…

    • New First District Councilman Mark Squilla

Incoming First District Councilman Mark Squilla says East Market Street is his first priority

Today, Philadelphia's First Council District is represented by someone new: Whitman native Mark Squilla, 49, who takes over the job held by veteran councilman Frank DiCicco, who decided not to seek…

    • Planning wants more time to consider billboard legislation

Planning wants more time to consider billboard legislation

Philadelphia City Planning Commission members said Tuesday they still need more time to assess the impact of a zoning bill that would allow owners of typical, one-dimensional billboards - condemned for…

    • Building wrap

A deeper look at the Market East signage flap

Feb. 26, 2010 By Kellie Patrick GatesFor PlanPhillyFirst District Councilman Frank DiCicco says his proposal to allow for bigger, flashier signs on East Market Street could help revive an…

    • Market Street planning

What Market St. East could be

June 23 By Kellie Patrick GatesFor PlanPhillyThe lead architect of the city's plan to revitalize the Market East corridor gave the public a second look at his still-in-draft-form vision…

    • City Hall Station

Bringing netherworld to life

Planning Commission Director Alan Greenberger leads PlanPhilly on an eye-opening walking tour of the transit concourses beneath Center City. As if there's not enough work to do at ground level, City…

    • Market Street

Tonight: Planning Market East corridor

Feb. 21By Kellie Patrick GatesFor PlanPhillyIf you're going to today's Planning Commission community meeting on preliminary findings for the Market Street East corridor, don't expect to see any…

    • Market Street East

Market Street job to EE&K

Jan. 13 By Kellie Patrick GatesFor PlanPhilly A New York architectural firm has been chosen to craft a strategic plan to overhaul the Market East corridor - with or without…

    • Market Street district

Taking a closer look at what the CED means

PCPC impact study area in blue dashes; designated Foxwoods CED in pink Oct. 22 By Kellie Patrick GatesFor PlanPhilly The city's top planners want to make something clear: There is…

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