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2010 PHS Annual Report

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) recently released its 2010 annual report.The PHS works with citizens, government, agencies, nonprofits, and other partners nationwide to plan create and maintain community green spaces.…

Urban Tree connection granted conservatorship

The Urban Tree Connection is a non-profit that has revitalized low-income neighborhoods for the past two decades. Skip Wiener, the head of the organization, stood before a judge and was granted…

The Clark Park Tree Removal

For improvement on drainage, re-routing of walkways and re-wiring the Clark Park "A"'s lighting system, a volunteer community association (Friends of Clark Park) joined forces with the University City District, State…

    • Creating a pocket park in South Philadelphia

Creating a pocket park in South Philadelphia

In an effort to make an unwelcoming corner much safer and more inviting, the residents of this South Philadelphia neighborhood are attempting to create a parks on Catharine Street.The space…

PHS Announces 2010 City Gardens Contest Winners

A multitude of individuals and groups entered the 36th annual city Garden Contest under various categories. The categories included; school gardens, community parks, flowers and vegetable gardens, children's gardens, container gardens,…

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