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    • Schmidt's Brewery development

PCPC gets updates on 2 major sites

Old Schmidt's Brewery siteAug. 20Grasso's 1601 Vine site By Thomas J. WalshFor PlanPhilly Despite the worldwide credit market meltdown that has affected loans on everything from studio apartments…

    • Looking for a British Fort

SugarHouse: test pilings, obstruction removal

Excavations are shown in yellow. The "line of Laurel Street" is in pink. The roads are in orange.Urban Engineers' proposed Test Piling Sites are puffy clouds "A-1", "A-2" & "A-3".…

    • Ken Milano

Q&A with Ken Milano

July 21Remembering Kensington & Fishtown: Philadelphia’s Riverward Neighborhoods is a new book written by Kenneth W. Milano that is a collection of articles from his weekly column “The Rest Is…

    • SugarHouse site

All concerned parties get dig information

Jan.  18Previous coverageBy Kellie Patrick GatesFor PlanPhilly   Everyone attending a historical review session for the SugarHouse project - including casino representatives - agreed a British Revolutionary War…

    • Civic Vision panel

New day for the Delaware

Nov. 14By Alan JaffeFor PlanPhilly A new vision for the Central Delaware waterfront, forged over 13 months in more than 200 collaborative, occasionally contentious civic meetings, was formally introduced…

    • The Steering Committee

A call for multiple casino scenarios in plan

The steering committee for the Central Delaware River Advisory Group, members of river ward civic associations, and concerned citizens spent more than an hour discussing the impact the imbroglio over casino…

    • Some values from Queen Village

Values consolidation under way

In January, there will be a consolidation of citizens' core neighborhood and waterfront values identified in three public sessions in December. The values from the forums are listed below. They will…

    • Sam Schwartz

A ride with Gridlock Sam

Nov. 17: A ride with "Gridlock Sam" As part of the ongoing exploration into the many elements that impact the quality of life for the region's citizens as well as residents…

Off to a good start, Nov. 6

Off to a good startSkyline OnlineNov. 6, 2006

Pennsport October Riverfront Symposium

In October, the civic associations of Pennsport and Whitman invited other riverfront communities such as Society Hill, Old City, Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Kensington and Port Richmond to gather together and attempt…

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