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    • 1309 Noble
    • Overbrook Farms Club Board Member Stephanie Kindt presents an original window in her home located on the 6300- block of Overbrook Avenue.
Eyes on the Street

Overbrook Farms: Neighborhood Club Advocates to Preserve Neighborhood [video]

by Connor Showalter and Jade C. McKenzie [Philadelphia Neighborhoods]   With the delay of the historic district designation for Overbrook Farms, Overbrook Farms Club continues to spread awareness about the importance…

    • The many faces of Overbrook Farms include stately Tudor Revival homes on Sherwood Road.
Eyes on the Street

Grappling with preservation in Overbrook Farms

What the heck is going on with the Overbrook Farms Historic District? Everything and nothing, apparently. The Historical Commission has been working on creating a local historic district for Overbrook Farms…

    • Promenade | Flickr user phillytrax, Eyes on the Street flickr group
    • Fleur-de-lis | flickr user Rob Lybeck, Eyes on the Street flickr pool
Eyes on the Street

Whither Overbrook Farms Historic District, legalizing bandit signs, Boy Scouts HQ still in limbo, Performance Garage to close

Fleur-de-lis | flickr user Rob Lybeck, Eyes on the Street flickr poolOverbrook Farms isn’t sure it wants to become a local historic district, even though the homeowners’ association has…

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