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The hows and whys of the working port protest

By Linda K. HarrisFor PlanPhilly More than 200 fired-up longshoremen, many carrying anti-casino placards, staged a protest Tuesday night at the Penn Praxis civic engagement meeting at Furness High School…

South Philadelphia neighborhood values

By Kellie Patrick and Matt BlanchardFor PlanPhilly Like the residents of other river ward neighborhoods who spoke of their hopes for the future of the Delaware Riverfront, South Philadelphians want…

    • The lost village of Dyottsville

The lost village of Dyottsville

Nowhere does the widespread destruction of Philadelphia’s waterfront history seem crueler than at Dyottsville. Nothing but a grassy field today, this site on the north side of Dyott Street at Richmond…

Tell us about your hidden gems, eyesores

In only two short months since I became managing editor of, I have had at least a dozen wonderful moments of discovery while working the waterfront.Despite two decades of experience as…

    • United States at her South Philadelphia mooring

Taking in the waterfront from the water

On a gray January afternoon, PennPraxis director Harris Steinberg spent the day on a boat on the Delaware River recording images that we don't see from land. These photographs, taken from…

    • Harris Steinberg chats with Mayor Street

Planning Philadelphia’s future

FROM THE DIRECTOR'S DESK, Jan. 15By Harris SteinbergExecutive Director of PennPraxisPlanning in Philadelphia is a time-honored affair.  William Penn’s and Thomas Holme’s iconic 1683 Portraiture of the city…

    • Some values from Queen Village

Values consolidation under way

In January, there will be a consolidation of citizens' core neighborhood and waterfront values identified in three public sessions in December. The values from the forums are listed below. They will…

    • National Heritage Trail

Imagining blazing this trail

Jan. 4, 2007By David Schaaf RAPhiladelphia City Planning Commission The exiting 109th Congress of the United States created the Nation’s “First National Water Trail” – more properly, the “John…

    • Inquirer Casino coverage

Inquirer Casino coverage

Dec. 21Inquirer casino coverageDaily News coverage ... full story ... editorial

Inquirer casino licensing coverage

Dec. 17Inquirer Casino Licensing coverageAnnouncements expected WednesdayGaming Board selections made in private

Engage in waterfront value sessions

Engage in next week's waterfront value sessions  Daily News, InquirerDec. 8

Engage in waterfront value sessions

Dec. 8Engage in next week's waterfront value sessions  Daily News, Inquirer

City council zoning hearing coverage

Dec. 7, 2006Inquirer, Daily News, Metro

Citizens coming together on waterfront

Have you seen that quirky, new television ad that shows a fellow falling down a steep San Francisco street, collecting every other pedestrian in his path as he rolls and tumbles…

Public input statements

Nov. 29Recently posted public input statements presented to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board during proposed casino licensing hearings Nov. 13-15 here

    • Hudson River Park

Impressions after a day on the waterfront in New York

Advisory Group reflections after a day of touring New York City riverfront sites. click here

Civic engagement ensures lasting legacy

By Harris SteinbergExecutive Director, Penn Praxis    Purposefully situated by William Penn and his surveyor Thomas Holme between two great rivers in 1682, Philadelphia rose to international prominence on the…

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