Celebration at Fairmount Water Works

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Join the East Coast Greenway Alliance, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, FreeWalkers, William Penn Foundation, Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River on Friday, September 15 for a reception and program. Dennis Markatos-Soriano, East Coast Greenway Alliance executive director, Shawn McCaney, William Penn Foundation executive director, and others will speak.
Join us after the program for a Liberty Lights walk along the Schuylkill River with the FreeWalkers. Walkers will gather at 6:45 pm. 
The event is part of the East Coast River Relay, the 25th anniversary of East Coast Greenway Alliance. For 10 weeks, we'll be visiting communities along the East Coast Greenway and encouraging everyone to celebrate healthy watersheds, active living, and local culture.
Learn more about the East Coast River Relay and find an event near you:
This event is also a part of AWE's River Days kick-off. Learn more:

Event photo courtesy of Fairmount Water Works
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