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Philadelphia City Planning Commission Meeting

  Philadelphia City Planning Commission Meeting of Tuesday, September 19, 2017 1:00 pm | One Parkway Building | 1515 Arch Street, Room 18-029   TENTATIVE AGENDA   1.    Action Item:  Approval of the Meeting Minutes… Read More

    • php2yyy8a

Pedestrians, Bikes, and Cars: Designing a Balanced Multi-Modal 21st Century City

Can we re-envision a historic city like Philadelphia to balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and automobiles? In 2015, several square miles of Center City Philadelphia were blocked for a Papal… Read More

    • phpo82cqa

Global Migration Crises, Local Solutions

Global migrants are in Philadelphia due to crises around the world. Come learn why they are here; about their lives and how our city and local organizations are addressing this crisis. What… Read More

    • phpegdb0l

"Before the Flood" Film Screening

If you could know the truth about the threat of climate change — would you want to know? “Before the Flood” features Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a… Read More

    • Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn Exhibit: The Power of Architecture

The story of master architect Louis Kahn (1901-1974) is intrinsically connected to Philadelphia, where he spent most of his life and career. Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture is the first… Read More

    • phpgtwihw

What Was The Philadelphia School of Architecture? If you look carefully, you will notice that the buildings of the last 50 years that you see in Philly look quite unlike those elsewhere. They feel tense: they don’t… Read More

    • phptrktak

Apply for the Fall 2017 Citizens Planning Institute

Want to learn about planning, zoning, and development in Philly? Apply to be part of the Citizens Planning Institute! Classes are on Wednesday evenings in October & November. Applications accepted through… Read More

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