• Learn about the conditions that led to Frank Furness' most incredible masterworks, including the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts seen here, on Wednesday.
      Learn about the conditions that led to Frank Furness' most incredible masterworks, including the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts seen here, on Wednesday.

Philly Photo Day 2013, part 1

For Philly Photo Day last month anyone and everyone was invited to take a picture in Philadelphia as part of a collective, composite portrait of our city. For the third year running Eyes on the Street is lucky enough to share some of our favorite shots of the city and life in it from this year's submissions.

We chose 40 Philly Photo Day submissions to feature on Eyes on the Street. Here's our first batch of 20:

    • Valerie Bruder
      Valerie Bruder
    • Daisha Avila
      Daisha Avila
    • Karlene Raines
      Karlene Raines
    • Florence Berardinucci
      Florence Berardinucci
    • Al BeFranke
      Al BeFranke
    • Mary Brown
      Mary Brown
    • Paul Greiner
      Paul Greiner
    • Allan Stegeman
      Allan Stegeman
    • Eva Pastor
      Eva Pastor
    • Emaleigh Doley
      Emaleigh Doley
    • Kristen Humbert
      Kristen Humbert
    • Christina Kerns
      Christina Kerns
    • Andrew Weiss
      Andrew Weiss
    • Meredith Kleiber
      Meredith Kleiber
    • Mandy Stewart
      Mandy Stewart
    • Michaela McGuire
      Michaela McGuire
    • Michael Hoffman
      Michael Hoffman
    • Theresa Stigale
      Theresa Stigale
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You can see all 1561 photos in the Philly Photo Day exhibit  at 120 North 3rd Street until the end of the year. In previous years the exhibit has been held at the Crane Arts Building. But Sarah Stolfa, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Executive Director, told me that this year's Old City location is an effort to make it easier for more people to visit the exhibit. On November's First Friday 500 people came through.

The opening reception is Thursday, November 14 at 6pm and the exhibit will stay up until December 28. 

New this year: You can also see satellite exhibitions featuring selections from Philly Photo Day at the Asian Arts Initiative, Commerce Square Media Wall, Fleisher Art Memorial, Parkway Central Free Library, Independence Visitor Center, Norcomm Community Center, and Philadelphia International Airport. Also stay tuned for 20 temporary murals at community partner sites and photos on 40 billboards around town, which will go up in December. The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center plans to post a map of these sites online soon.

All images courtesy Philadelphia Photo Arts Center


Eyes on the Street wants to see what your Philadelphia looks like too, submit your photos to the Eyes on the Street Flickr group and you just might see them appear here. 

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Ashley Hahn is an independent writer with a background in historic preservation and city planning. She started Eyes on the Street for PlanPhilly in 2011 and was PlanPhilly's managing editor from 2015-2017. Ashley has lived in 12 zip codes that she can think of, including neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and New York. She is a Philadelphian by choice.

Contact Ashley via email or find her on twitter: @ashleyjhahn.

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